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AdGreetz makes it easy for brands and agencies to build more engaging relationships with customers and increase revenue 2X-3X by producing and deploying millions of smart, relevant, hyper-personalized, data-driven ads and messages on 21 channels, optimized by AI/machine learning.


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3 Million Unique Creatives
15 Million Emails
3x Increase CTR
2.5x Increase Revenue

Video, GIF, Display Ads & Email

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100,000 Unique Creatives
2.5x Increase Conversion Rate

Video Ads

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41,666 Unique Creatives
4.4x Increase VTR
7.8x Increase Avg Watch Length
2.7x Increase Revenue

Video & GIF Ads

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1.5 Million Unique Creatives
1.6x Increase Open
1.9x Increase CTR
2m 09s Avg Time on Site

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140,000 Unique Creatives
2.7x Increase CTR
1.5x Increase Revenue

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6 Million Unique Creatives
1.7x Increase CTR
1.8x Increase Open Rate
4m 44s Engagement

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548,000 Unique Creatives
31 Million Views
#1 Viral Video in the World

In App Video Ads

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200,000 Unique Creatives
1.9x Increase CTR
2 Million Users
2m 18s Avg Watch Length

Point of Purchase / On-Pack

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Unlimited Unique Creatives
2x Increase Open
1.4x Increase CTR
1.7x Increase Activation

GIF & Abandoned Shopping Cart Email

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Unlimited Unique Creatives
1.9x Increase CTR
1.8x Increase Conversion Rate


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151,000 Plays
12m 25s Avg Time on Site


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80,000 Unique Creatives
3.7x ROI
1.4x View Through Rate
1.1x% Social Shares

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AdGreetz’s proprietary machine learning technology applies artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically learn, improve and optimize engagement, activation, conversion and revenue whether it’s the creative execution of a campaign or buying ads online.



The Team

Eric Frankel

Prior to founding AdGreetz, Frankel was President of Warner Bros. Domestic Cable Distribution. While running a $1 billion a year division he created advancements in new technologies such as on-demand video, high definition quality and online distribution. He also created and successfully launched the first-ever broadband internet network, In2TV.

In 2019, Eric is excited to pursue his current job, and spearhead the new frontier of personalized advertising at AdGreetz.

Eric Frankel


Evan W. Surdam

As the Chief Technology Officer at AdGreetz, Surdam's skill set ranges from software engineering to development.

With an academic background in rocket science, he is committed to building scalable and highly-integratable digital products.

Evan W. Surdam


Jeremy Garber

Garber's background includes a deep understanding of artist management, A&R, marketing and music publishing.

He handled brand partnerships at Recreation Worldwide for some of the world's top DJs (Zedd, Skrillex, Tiesto...) before applying his experience to the start-up world in 2011.

Jeremy Garber


Sergey Gavrishkiv

Back In The USSR, Gavrishkiv received his undergraduate degree of Fine Art in Moscow.

With a work history of acting, producing and shooting both photos and video, his narrative-driven yet pragmatic approach to digital media makes him a unique editor.

Sergey Gavrishkiv

VP of Production

Ernesto Carreon

Co-writing the initial business plan, Carreon has established himself as one of the most reliable, founding members of AdGreetz. He's performed many tasks in the company's evolution, including scriptwriting, pitching, directing, producing and overseeing all communications.

Prior to AdGreetz, Carreon has worked in TV development and publicity at ABC, ABC Family, NBC, FOX and Bravo.

Ernesto Carreon


Aurore Daniac

A Paris native, Aurore provides essential project management and creative support. Prior to AdGreetz, Aurore was an Account Executive at TBWA\Paris working on the L’Oreal account.

She began her career at Mazarine, overseeing communication and media strategies for several luxury fashion and beauty brands.

Aurore Daniac

VP of Creative

Jim Botko

A former Warner Bros. VP, Botko now works with creative agencies, startups and service providers of all sizes to advise and fine tune their B2B marketing efforts while improving their brand profile and expanding their client base and profitability.

Jim is especially proficient at (selling) video games.

Jim Botko


Ryan Gerossie

As Senior Editor/Content Executive, Gerossie collaborates with Head of Production, Sergey Gavrishkiv in large media projects.

Prior to joining AdGreetz, Gerossie held production and editing positions at FOX Digital Studios, TV Guide Network and Game Show Network.

Ryan Gerossie

Director of Production

Matthew Radack

Matt brings his unique, cinematic eye to AdGreetz’ production team, editing client and prospective client video products. He’s the ultimate GIF creator.

Additionally, he has worked on various short films and promotional videos for Interscope Records.

Matthew Radack

Director of Production

Camille De Castro

Fresh out of college with a bachelor's degree in business administration and a minor in quality assurance from California State University, Northridge, Camille keeps the bills paid, the lights on, and the business running.

As Financial Affairs Manager, Camille oversees the financial management and budgets for AdGreetz and its client-based projects.

Camille De Castro

Financial Affairs Manager

Rob Barnes

Rob has been an entrepreneur in digital video since the roll out of IPTV at the BBC back in 1999.

His passion for tech and premium creatives has led him to Adgreetz after production, strategy and sales roles for some of UK’s leading broadcasters, producers and start-ups.

Rob Barnes

VP Sales & Biz Dev

Victoria Carver

Victoria brings 6 years of experiencing selling to the UK digital industry from both corporate and start up businesses.

As an entrepreneurship graduate she loves the rapidly changing digital marketing/media space.

Victoria Carver

VP Sales & Biz Dev

Peter Pickthall

Geology Graduate turned Digital Designer via a brief foray in IT.

Design and motion graphics has been his focus and passion for the past 16 years, but Peter is also a bit of a self confessed geek and brings a valuable technical knowledge and understanding to his role at AdGreetz.

Peter Pickthall

Senior VP Creative

Wendy Smith

Prior to joining AdGreetz UK, Wendy had a varied background in both the corporate and SME environment.

Joining AdGreetz she provides project coordination and administration support for the UK Team.

Wendy Smith

Project Coord / Office Mgr

Daniella Penn

Daniella graduated from the top arts university in the UK. Since then, she has been working within creative start up’s assisting with content creation, account management and marketing/outreach.

She is looking forward to the opportunities that will arise with AdGreetz and is eager to learn more from her talented colleagues.

Daniella Penn

Marketing Manager


Partial List

Ken Ziffren
Skip Brittenham
Dick Cook
Joe Roth
Bruce Rauner
Michael Fuchs
Jeff Sagansky
Garth Ancier


Partial List

Ed Adler

Partner, Finsbury

Fabrizio Blanco

CTO, Viant Technology

Michael Kassan

Chairman & CEO, MediaLink

Mark Pedowitz

President, CW Television Network

Dan Romanelli

Former President of Licensing, Warner Bros.

John Sykes

President, iHeartMedia

Jim Wiatt

Former Chairman & CEO, William Morris Agency

Kyle Cooper

Co-Founder, Prologue Films

Steven Krone

Counsel, Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp

John Penney

EVP, Consumer Business Development & Partnerships, Twentieth Century Fox

Cynthia Sexton

EVP, Branding and Licensing, Universal Republic Records & Island Def Jam Music Group

Michael Wolfson

Co-Founder, Vaudeville Ventures

Umang Bedi

President, Dailyhunt and Former MD of Facebook India

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